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Taking off

Facing major injuries and serious disease, medical professionals learn to accept that sometimes even the finest training, hardest effort and state-of-the art equipment isn’t enough. Convinced that technology must be entrusted a greater role in medicine to improve patient outcomes, Stefan Malmberg set out to find meaningful solutions. He was fortunate to meet computer scientist Taha Khan who shared this conviction and was looking for a purposeful project matching his interest and research background. 

It all started with deep conversations about sensors, algorithms, machine learning and AI – focusing on the potential to improve and disrupt health care when combining these technologies. Detectivio was founded to devote scientific research, creativity and innovation to push medical technology forward. 

Our first initiative is the first medical device that features all-digital, non-contact measurement of vital signs for rapid triage and patient prioritization. We are developing a system that enables non-contact scanning of vital signs, including body temperature, blood pressure (BP), heart rate, respiration rate, and oxygen saturation, replacing the conventional setup of devices that require physical contact.

with support from our friends

Detectivio have been fortunate in finding friends and supporters along the way. We are currently enjoying the invaluable support from Sahlgrenska Science Park and Region Västra Götaland. From the very start InkBorås (a local incubator in Borås) and Centre for Health Technology Halland were supportive, later joined by Almi and HealthTech Nordic. Detectivio has been awarded several innovation grants.


Detectivio AB

  • Limited Liability Company registered in Sweden

  • Privately held

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